Monday, February 18, 2019

mrs messy & mr std

i told this story a billion years ago but i'll tell it again because this is my blog. lol.

anyhoo. i met this director & liked him a lot.we went out, he promised me a part in his new movie, & eventually he tried to rape me.he said that the only way i could be in the movie is if we had sex(of course we did not) then he replaced me with a woman who is now instagram famous(i wonder if she got his incurable std?).

years later i watched that movie & it was one of the worst i had ever seen. i completely blocked out all of this until today when i found out that one of her more famous "friends" was ALSO in this movie & now the media is trying to shame her for that(too bad they dont know the full story).i'm a little tempted to watch it again to see if it was pre nose job.

TMZ* it would be great of y'all would stop stealing my stories. pay me what you owe me

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