Sunday, May 19, 2019

charlie says movie review

i find charles manson to be pretty boring but matt smith to be incredibly creepy(his face makes my skin crawl).i feel some type of way having kevin bacons kid in this movie. hopefully she doesnt have any nude scenes. all the girls look alike so this is going to be difficult to remember who is who,especially since nobody looks like the people they are playing. i like mary harron but this is slightly boring & i dont care about these girls at all.i cant stop thinking about how much they must have smelled in real life, not how "cool" it must have been to be in a cult/commune.

its pretty funny how angry manson gets while talking to a woman with high self esteem.that was a nice touch.of course all his women were "broken" & searching for their daddy so it makes sense he wouldnt like a woman who saw him as he really was(a loser not a god).

this is when i fell asleep

next day: i guess i'm supposed to feel sympathy for leslie van houten but i really just want to slap the girls.i get why the men wanted to be a part of that cult(unlimited unprotected sex with skanks, no jobs, & free maids) but why would any sane woman want to be a sex slave/maid to those rejects? it boggles the mind.

i heard a couple of charlies songs years ago & its weird that anybody took him seriously as a musician(or why bands today are still covering his "songs"). you'd think terry melcher & dennis wilson would have better things to do.

the first hour is nothing but unwashed white people & then they introduce the 1st(only? if they dont show the black man they killed) black character(a teacher?) to be the wise one & explain why helter skelter was bullsh!t. funny how the white teacher who was in the entire movie could not do that.its like everyone else is too afraid to tell them the truth.why is the wise negro the only one talking sense?this movie is so cringeworthy. i'm so tired of the "white women are still the victims even when they are killing & cutting babies from wombs" trope.

matt smith has no charisma at all & i see no reason why anybody would want to follow or kill for his version of manson. maybe in real life all it took was bible quotes & some drugs but its not enough to be entertaining.

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