Friday, March 27, 2020


i saw the original force majeure & found it to be boring & a waste of a good idea. i LOVE julia louis dreyfus & will ferrell but i dont see how they can make this a good story if downhill is just a remake in english.

is zach woods going to play a character named zach in every movie or.......? i dont mind but its still weird,pretty sure he played a zach in everything ive seen him in except for the office. i dont believe for a second that a woman like jld would marry a man who looks like will ferrell. she is so out of his league in every way. the casting for the sons is bizarre,too. they both look like douglas booth & there is no way will could make kids as beautiful as that. in the original, the son was yelling for his dad the entire avalanche & i think that was a nice touch, in this one they are silent so it makes it less sad/awkward.

miranda otto is so funny.they shouldve used her more. i'd rather see a movie about her adventures than these sad sacks. in the american version the kids/mom are more this cultural differences or a lack of respect for women & children? idk. its weird for them to add that but not more shaming of the husband. lots of added "wacky" characters but that doesnt make it a better movie. jld is such a good actress, it would not surprise me if one day she won an oscar.

one of the kids always looks so traumatized. is this an acting choice or.......? i dont see the point of making the american wife a whore,i'm sure if i googled the writer it would be an unattractive white seems like there is so much passive aggressive hate for white women in the remake,like they are trying to say something without really saying it.i love a good dragging but this isnt entertaining. this is as boring as the original. of course they had to shoehorn in a "happy" ending. all our entertainment must be dumbed down as much as possible so that the peasants can understand. i cant recommend this & i can see why this flopped. this was a waste of mine & julia louis dreyfus' time.

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