Tuesday, March 24, 2020

forgotten tv show pilots: L.A. Confidential 2003

i need something more to occupy my time as we are on lockdown/quarantine so i will be reviewing lost television show pilots from famous movies.

so L.A. Confidential is one of my favorite movies & when i heard walton goggins was doing a tv show remake i was ecstatic. while looking for that version, i found the 1st tv show pilot from 2003 starring keifer sutherland. 10 minutes in & i'm already regretting my life decisions. i love kiefer but homeboy is 5'3 & isnt believable as a cop(or a man living in the 1950s). the wardrobe/props budget looks like it was $100 & the film quality looks like it was shot with a potato. the original had such a great/authentic look but this pilot looks like what people living in the 1990s imagined the 50s to look(even though it was filmed in 2003). none of these new actors playing the old characters look like the old actors so its confusing to keep up.

now i'm heated. they shoe horned in a lame storyline involving marilyn monroe & the actress is doing one of the worst mm impressions i have ever seen in my life. she has 1980s hair & gigantic fake lips. wtf. i can see why this wasnt picked up, its amateur at best & it seems like they went out of their way to cast the ugliest actors/actresses they could find

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