Friday, July 10, 2020

contagion 2011 review

i HATE horror/pandemic movies,so i was dreading watching contagion. plus the fact that it stars goop really made me not want to see it.but since this is very timely & i'm bored/drunk, here we go!!!!!

i didnt know it was filled with so many celebrities. "i need no one to know until everybody knows". wow, thats creepy & hits too close to home. marion cotillard is so underrated. its very human to want to "run away from death" but you cant outrun death.when lockdown 1st started i watched the masque of the red death & it made me sadder than it should have. death follows you wherever you go & no amount of money will stop it.

i really cant stand matt damon so its amazing i'm enjoying this movie so much.most of the actors(not goop or damon) are SO talented. jude law walking around in his robot/hazmat suit is a whole mood. its funny to see how fast the fake veneer of society falls away(in real time and in the movie). y'all were always violent savages with neanderthals for ancestors..........

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