Monday, June 29, 2020

lace miniseries 1985 part 2

the description in the listing: "In Lace, p0rno princess-turned-movie queen Lili (Phoebe Cates) embarked on a relentless quest to find the mother who had abandoned her in infancy. Now it's Daddy's turn. Cates and many of the original stars of Lace return to the opulent world of jets, jewels and heartbreak in Lace II.This time, Lili's mother is kidnapped by Southeast Asian guerillas and held for a million-dollar ransom - or else. Lili enlists the aid of her mother's school friends to hunt for her unknown father, hoping he can meet the ransom before the soldiers fulfill their deadly threat. Her only clue: her mother's book, a roman a clef with three different versions of who Lili's father may be. So many daddies, so little time!"

unfortunately(fortunately?) i read the wiki before i started watching & it said what the ending was for this one. phoebe stopped using that stupid accent so this is a bit better. lili asks her mom who her dad is & the mom gives her a book & tells her to read it(instead of just saying).i wonder if the people writing these scripts have ever had a real conversation before.

instead of just telling the rest of the story, they are going back to when she was pregnant & reshooting the old scenes with the new actress playing the mom :-(. i get that might have been needed pre internet but i just saw this story yesterday so its boring. despite saying that,this one is less slow than the 1st & i didnt have to stop it for hours at a time.

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