Monday, June 22, 2020

lace miniseries 1984 part 1

i have ALWAYS wanted to watch this but for some reason its never on tv & the dvds are hard to find. i ended up getting lace & part 2. i find it bizarre that Phoebe Cates would give up her career to scrub kevin klines skidmarks or that she'd be typecast as the girl next door, even though i loved "drop dead fred" as a child. i will let the listings description get you ready for this mess because i cannot.

"Beautiful, embittered Lili (Phoebe Cates) has clawed her way from p0rno princess to international film idol. She has money, fame, everything she wants - everything except revenge. Abandoned as a baby, Lili is determined to find, and destroy, her long-lost mother. She's narrowed the candidate list down to three former boarding-school friends, all of whom have gone on to exciting and privileged lives. And one of whom is about to be very, very sorry she left little Lili all those years ago. A starry cast sweeps through two and a half decades of exquisite excess in this high-fashion, high-drama, utterly delicious emotional wallow based on Shirley Conran's bestseller. Sharpen your claws."

ok, betches, lets go!

idk what kind of accent phoebe is trying to do but its not working. she gets out of the car & the peasants riot & act like theyve seen the beatles. people arent freaking out like that for p0rnstars now, so i doubt all those people wouldve known(or cared) who she was then. the moms are supposed to be teenagers in the beginning but they all look 35. of course, they cast a white guy wearing pancake as an arab. even in a film that doesnt have black people in it(i presume), y'all still cant leave out the racism,huh?

i love brooke adams but her "english" accent is a mess as well.its like they werent even trying. i'm getting really tired of these "he raped me & i loved it" tropes. phoebe's accent has changed from "french with mouth full of marbles" to generic mexican. she is too gorgeous for such nonsense.they really shouldve hired an accent(and acting) coach for them.

its too slow & not as messy or glamorous as i assumed it would be. phoebe stopped trying to do the accent at all by the middle of it.the "arab" guy has dark makeup on his face but not his hands.this is depressing me.i didnt know it would be so much about the moms. idgaf about the moms.

so lili has sex with a boy who she knows could be her half brother & is planning to have sex with a man she thinks may be her father. is this what white people consider revenge? seems more of a self drag to me. i get life was different in the 1980s but was incest less gross then? i'm just confused & i cant get into this at all.

i cant say that i regret watching this but i doubt i will watch it was just way too slow.

i will be reviewing lace part 2 next week

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