Friday, August 7, 2020

forgotten tv shows: bill and ted's excellent adventures 1992

the year before this was made they had an animated version of bill and ted's excellent adventures & when that was cancelled they decided to make a live action version. why? i have no idea. i remember watching the cartoon & HATING it as a child but i had no idea this tv show existed before a couple of months ago.

its a remake of a remake. i can already tell this is going to be cringe & i should be drunk before starting. obviously keanu reeves & alex winter cannot be replaced(& these fug actors are pretty annoying with their exaggerated impressions) but i did laugh a couple of times. instead of going back into history, the phone book goes into fictional places & comic books(which is dumb & i can see why the show failed). you cant improve the original bill & ted's, hence why all the sequels/shows were bad. this was ok, not a complete waste of time

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