Friday, December 11, 2020



i had a lot planned for this year that never happened & it seems like 2021 wont be any different. the hoi polloi thinks they can throw away their masks as soon as january 1st because their daddy trump is going to save them. lmfao

absolutely nothing will change next year. trump bought enough vaccine for 50 million people. there are at least 320 million people living in the USA. the company says they cannot make more until at least june 2021. do the math.

its been interesting to see how y'all have become more like your Neanderthal ancestors over the past 9 months. ive never seen so much crime or people being run over by cars in my entire life(all from my bedroom window).

since most americans are too stupid/lazy/selfish to wash their hands or wear a mask, dont think a miracle will happen any time soon. its incredible that the fall of the american empire happened because people were too stupid to wear a mask but here we are. the lockdown was the easy part. 2021 is going to be even worse, get ready

eta: hmmmmm 

eta2: Despite Trump administration promise, government has no more 'reserve' 2nd vaccine doses

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