Friday, April 16, 2021

elvis 2005 review

 i loves me some elvis & (young) jonathan rhys meyers but idk about this. instead of casting someone who sounds like elvis, they just play his original recordings & its weird as hell. this was a tv movie but they shouldve at least tried. 

jrm playing shy is awkward as hell though he was born to play a rockstar. all of this should be exciting but its just boring & idgaf. the costumes are cheap & he has late 1990s hair. his fake sideburns look like they are about to fall off if he moves his head too quickly. randy quaid is so underrated. the girl cast as priscilla is youngish but isnt as young looking as a 14 year old priscilla presley. they shouldve cast an actual child because that is what she was. i'm guessing rose mcgowan is going to be ann margret? i hope not. rose will look insane with anything but black hair.

its weird how the girl playing priscilla looks like a less attractive version of lindsay lohan when lohan wouldve been almost perfect for her role (or ann margret). this isnt worth wasting almost 3 hours for.

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