Wednesday, March 31, 2021

wes craven's dracula 2000 movie review

 ive seen damn near every english language dracula film/tv show & 700 years later, coppolas continues to be the best.i dont have high hopes for dracula 2000 because gerard butler was only good looking for a second when he was young. a perfect vampire has to be super sexy or super scary & gerard doesnt have the looks/talent to be either. 

who lied & said jennifer esposito was appealing or attractive? danny masterson was always annoying at best so its nice to see him get killed. justine waddell in modern clothes is so weird to me.i wonder why she wasnt a huge star. 

they gave gerard hair like a 1980s housewife. is this supposed to be sexy? i keep waiting for him to sing "with arms wide open".  the only thing scaring me is his hair tbh. i have no idea what is going on with this plot & thats probably for the best. its doing too much yet not enough. this movie is so dumb but trying to be art & failing so bad.

i feel like this movie will be better in 40 years once the clothes are really out of style & the slang is forgotten/hilarious. i wonder how much virgin paid to be in this. damn near every scene is at or about the virgin megastore, its like a 2 hour commercial. the creepy new orleans setting plus y2k aesthetic & heavy metal soundtrack is great, it just doesnt work because the lead actors are so miscast. 

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