Friday, March 5, 2021

coming 2 america 2021 movie review

i think people forget that coming 2 america is supposed to be a fairytale. all of this is just fantasy, there is no zamunda, its just a silly comedy. i'm slightly scared to watch this(as excited as i am). if this movie is lame, i will be VERY upset.

its crazy that 800 years later, vanessa bell calloway is still the prettiest actress in the movie. i dont like the way she keeps getting treated, though. where's maxine? where's spinderella? not even 20 minutes in & this disrespect of black women is making me feel some sort of way.

i feel like these younger actors are just there to be there. they arent adding anything to the plot. jermaine fowler is annoying & has no charm, they shouldve made his part smaller & wesley snipes role bigger. i love how the daughters come in kicking azz. it needs more of them & less this useless, boring son. it wasnt funny enough & too many flashbacks to the 1st movie.

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