Friday, February 19, 2021

bromans part deux


so i never actually finished watching bromans. there was a part that was so cringeworthy that i couldnt(the same thing thats been happening with borat 2.ive been trying to watch that since it came out). 

since plebs wont be on anytime soon, i already finished rome , & i, claudius was too boring, i guess i will be forced to watch the rest of this. i die a little inside anytime they say "massive unit". doctore is "well fit" as they say. too bad he's a misogynist. the polyester weaves are making me sad again. all the womens hair looks so dry & matted. did they not allow them to bring conditioner? 

everybody is angry at medina because she refuses to lie & say its ok her boyfriend lost due to his stupidity. this is making me want to turn it off. fragile masculinity strikes again & of course, its all her fault he is a moron.

i'm mad the 33 year old woman looks younger than "teenage" summer. why am i so attracted to tom? lusting after him makes me feel like a lesbian. the fake lipped slag says dinos azz is big & hairy. i dont know what to do with this information. without photographic proof, how will i know if she is lying?

i dont like that they are bringing in new couples every episode when sophii(??wtf??) from the 1st episode was so great (& banished). just bring back sophii & let her talk shit for the next 6 episodes. pretty glenn talking to that other dude about his big d!ck is making me feel some sort of way. again, i'm going to need some proof here.

its nice to see the girls hanging out & bonding before they have to compete with each other though i dont like the fake friendliness. not to be a reality show cliche but they really arent there to make friends so no need to hug & cry like that. i like ellie, shes so spicy.

its incredible they waited until the season was almost over before getting a couple that wasnt completely boring. FINALLY tom spreads those phat cheeks in the shower. now i can die? whoever wrote the outline/script is a moron. who gaf about the challenges & fights? just have the bromans shower with each other for the entire show. no need to get fancy with all the rest of that nonsense.

the neanderthal genes really popped out when they decided it would be fun to splash each other with urine. i cannot with them plucking hairs with tweezers out of that boys anus then rubbing his crack with butter. all the interesting parts are 2 minutes long but the editors let the boring stuff go on forever. its weird. its like they dont want people to watch(or have a 2nd season). its no fun seeing non professionals fail at sport competitions. its like when the real world decided to force everyone to get jobs instead of just hanging out at the house & causing drama. it was so boring i havent watched it since. all you need to do is get them in a room, get them some alcohol, & turn the camera on. all this other stuff is so unnecessary. 

i find it hilarious they basically banished homeboy because he had red hair & pale skin. i'd rather see the girls doing these competitions than the men, they are much more entertaining. its VERY rude they only gave them string bikinis to fight in & not actual shirts or underwired bra tops.i feel like the matches couldve been better if they werent so worried about losing their bikini tops. true roman female athletes wore breast binders, not flimsy spandex eye patches.

the kemp twins are ridiculously good looking & i can never tell them apart.i guess this is the one that was on  eastenders? too many stupid speeches & not enough of toms phat cheeks! i can see why this got cancelled......

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