Wednesday, September 15, 2021

asos marketplace is run by morons

 so i had a store in the asos marketplace YEARS ago.i ended up not posting any products & years later when i logged in, my store was gone, & they asked for me to apply again.




i jump through the hoops, email them pictures i took, then they emailed me saying my application was rejected because i "stole someone elses pictures". i reply saying that was a lie & i get no reply back. 2 weeks later, i send an email to someone else & get this in return



We use reverse image searching to check the authenticity of the imagery provided. We do not allow imagery that is not owned or taken directly by the boutique or product creator to be on site.


After reviewing the imagery we found the imagery provided on multiple other websites


We will not be replying to any further emails regarding this matter, thank you"

what were those other websites i "stole" my photos from? my etsy & my other online stores(pretty sure i emailed them the link to my etsy in the 1st email so that makes this even more dumb). of course, they couldnt just read the profile in the store to know it was me(or even ask me like a human being). its bizarre to me how people who are SO STUPID are in charge of things

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