Sunday, December 19, 2021

i still havent seen "rock of love"

 a clip popped up of me on instagram & i decided to watch it.

first thought: what am i wearing?

second thought: what am i doing?

third thought: why didnt i brush my hair?

fourth thought: why am i talking so fast?

funny thing is, i didnt remember doing any of that or saying any of that(though it was classic Dallas).i know i wasnt drunk or high so that was me being bored & trying to entertain myself like i usually do. i stopped acting YEARS ago but i will be in a new (big) movie next year. debating whether or not i want to share. filming wasnt traumatic but it wasnt a positive experience either. if you spot me in a 2022 movie, leave a comment, lol

i was going to post something really spectacular for the new year but decided against that. who cares + nothing matters. next year will be just as pointless as this one :-)

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