Sunday, December 26, 2021

Nightmare Alley 1947 vs 2021

  tyrone power is so fine. there is no way bradley cooper can be sexy like this. tyrone has these women in a tizzy!  Nightmare Alley is boring & dumb & i dont understand why bruno would give away his "love". i am only still watching because tyrone power is so attractive. it gets a little better halfway through but so much of the cool creepy circus vibe was wasted. i'm mad the best part started in the last 30 minutes. Helen Walker ended up stealing this movie. its a shame her career went nowhere. the ending was trash, hopefully the remake will be better though i doubt it with fug bradley & boring rooney mara.

cate blanchett has helen walkers role & that is the only thing i am excited about. bradley cooper looks like a ostrich & the thought of him seducing somebody makes my stomach queasy. 

not toni collette lying & saying bradley is "easy on the eyes". you can tell shes a good actress because she didnt even laugh after. im going to be REAL upset if there are any sex scenes in this movie,i just ate! 

this is just dragging along. they added a lot of sex & violence but this isnt a better movie than the original Nightmare Alley. the costumes arent even better. everybody goes on & on about how great guillermo del toro is but i have yet to see it.

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