Sunday, January 2, 2022

A Very English Scandal

 so i see the 2nd installment "A Very British Scandal" has come out. i am sick & my doctor said i cannot go out tonight so i will be reviewing this show (YOU ARE WELCOME!, lol). i was so excited to see the first "A Very English Scandal" until i found out ben whishaw was in it. he is so incredibly unattractive to me, its hard to look at his face. i get irl both of these dudes were fug but if you are going to risk it all (in a tv show/movie), the younger guy had better be a hottie (another reason why i love "wilde").

not hugh grant showing up to his bedroom with lube to wear that bussy out & ben crying. i cannot! i hope that didnt happen in reality. i guess this is supposed to be romantic but norman josiffe/ben was homeless & just got out of a psychiatric hospital. taking advantage of the mentally ill isnt sweet or sexy. i dont like this tone.....

not jeremy thorpe/hugh cheating on him with actual non ugly guys. the bloom wore off the bussy & now hugh has moved on. "you have infected me with the virus of homosexuality!" jesus. i dont know if i can watch 3 hours of this. typical man that he would go through all that drama instead of just doing what he promised aka getting norman a national insurance card.

{not even through with the 1st episode & i take a 4 hour break}

i would rather watch a 3 hour show about boofy gore & his badgers.

{i finish the 1st hour then go to sleep}

ive watched A LOT of these vintage english scandal shows & these "scandals" arent very interesting (even when looked through older values/morals). ohhh she had sex with a lot of men, ohhh he was gay, ohhh she had sex with black guys! who gaf? although hugh grant is looking like a weathered snack, i am regretting ever starting to watch this. 

i really dont appreciate gay men(who know they are gay & are in the closet) who insist on getting married & having children with women. if the stuff in this show is true then these men really deserved whatever negativity that came from that. both of these men ruined so many womens lives. its insane.

i didnt think it was going to take me more than a night to finish this :-(

{after trying to watch it the entire day,i finally finish the 2nd hour then go to sleep}

all the interesting stuff  FINALLY starts happening in the 3rd hour. i cant recommend this, it needs to be edited down & the tone needs to be more serious. being queer shouldnt still be a punchline at this point

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