Thursday, January 27, 2022

martha inc & martha behind bars movie review

 i never saw martha inc at the time it came out. i was pretty busy those years (& found martha stewart to be boring) so it wasnt a priority. i LOVE cybill shepards blank shark eyes & flat accent(does martha really sound like that? i will never know).i wouldnt mind if cybill made a new martha movie every couple of years. i get that tptb were trying to make martha into some kind of villain but all im seeing is an ambitious bad betch. martha behind bars isnt as good as the 1st, its basically a rehash of her trial & her 5 months of prison. like "orange is the new black" she was also in jail with a nun. i cant with martha smuggling in spices & making "illegal" desserts. i think they shouldve spent less time on the trial & more time with her in prison.

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