Wednesday, February 2, 2022

house of gucci

i wasnt going to review house of gucci but i keep laughing & i know this isnt a comedy. i am not even going to comment on her terrible accent & the fact that lady gagas face is so full of fillers that it looks like a halloween mask. how did no one notice this???? why did no one tell her to stop????? her face looks like it hurts!

this "romance" is so awkward. in what world does gaga look like liz taylor? he must be high AND blind. she wrote on his windshield with lipstick, then put the lipstick on her mouth & i damn near vomited. this movie is nsfl & it hasnt even been 15 minutes. its like all the actors are in a different movie. i really hope people werent serious about gaga winning an oscar for this.

im confused why they cast people who obviously cant do an italian accent instead of just letting them use their own accents. were they trying to do camp on purpose? adam driver looks like a snack in 1970s clothes,he should keep this style. the office sex scene is worse than the pool one in showgirls. why are amateurs being paid millions when they cant do the job? i havent seen a star is born(there is only one & it stars fredric march) but did lady gaga really not take acting lessons after fvcking up american horror story? i could understand if she was attractive(or relevant) but this has got to stop.

of course,they HAD to make jared leto, bald/old/ugly/fat instead of just hiring a bald/old/ugly/fat actor because absolutely nothing makes sense in this movie. i dont appreciate how they are treating my mans paolo. he has the best male costumes. the fake karl lagerfeld had choupette 30+ years before she was born. did i miss the scene where karl goes back in time? also pretty sure he had dark hair in 1983 but wgaf about accuracy or the truth? 

ridley scott also directed "the last duel" which came out around the same time as this & i wonder "for why?" neither film was very good & this will probably be the last movie he directs. why waste ruining your legacy on this?

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