Sunday, March 27, 2022

white people love dogs more than they love black people


we know

you dont have to keep saying it in various ways

we get it

you can stop now

some idiot decided that he was going to post something i said on twitter to reddit because how dare i point out that loving dogs is not a sign that someone is good! we all know how hitler loved HIS dogs. was hitler a good man? one to praise? is hitler better than me? better than black people? lmfao

racists calling me shaniqua & talking about how "you people" do this & "you people" do that but are somehow good(& the racism is cancelled) because they like dogs? can someone please explain to me how this works because i really do not understand. y'all cry hot salty tears for dogs but laugh when black people are hurt. is that christlike? 

people who didnt understand the joke 800 years ago trying to drag me for being black & alive is so weird. please get a life & read a book. the sun is killing y'all. covid(aka not washing your hands or having basic hygiene) is killing y'all. the earth is trying to kill y'all. your birth rates go down every day, your fertility is trash. worry about that not what i'm typing on twitter. lol

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