Wednesday, September 14, 2022

ugliness is unamerican/god save the king

 i'm watching this terrible movie called skidoo & one of the characters says "ugliness is unamerican" & it just blew my mind. in america, looks are everything. who cares if you are dying from a preventable disease because you have no insurance, as long as you wear the right clothes & have the "right" color skin. america is just a 3rd world country in a gucci belt. all style & no substance. who cares that people have no clean water to drink in MULTIPLE cities as long as the president is white again, huh?


its weird to see the fall of the american empire in real time.

i always thought i would feel some type of way when queen elizabeth died but i feel nothing. like literally nothing. i totally forgot it even happened until i saw another article about it. she was a part of our lives(good or bad) & now she is gone. will there be positive change in england? probably not but we can hope. hope is free!

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