Tuesday, September 27, 2022

the munsters 2022

 i always preferred the addams family over the munsters so i actually wasnt going to watch this but i am pretty sick today & have plenty of time to waste. the eddie izzard munsters pilot was pretty good & its a shame that was never a tv show.

this looks VERY cheap. its funny how i see reviews with white men complaining that sheri moon zombie is "too old" now but she looked worn out & 40 in the 1990s & everybody lied & said she was hot. i get the tone is supposed to be zany/wacky but its just coming off lame & like a childrens tv show. i assumed rob zombie had talent but idk about this.

sheri moon cant act & i only laughed once. elvira's role shouldve been WAY bigger. why waste film on sheri when elvira is right there?

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