Saturday, October 1, 2022

dark shadows 1966 vs 1991 vs 2004 vs 2012

1966  i tried to watch dark shadows years ago but it was so boring & the sets were so cheap that i couldnt,i turned off the 1st episode after a couple of minutes. due to dummies not washing their hands, i had plenty of time to try again last year. its pretty slow & they repeat scenes over & over for those who missed episodes but its(unintentionally) funny. i find the child actors to be annoying but the worst is the little girl playing sarah collins with the THICK baltimore accent. where tf did they find her? did they even film in baltimore? the whole thing is live & she RARELY knew her lines yet they stayed paying her!

as ive already said, a good vampire needs to be sexy or scary & johnathan frid was neither. the acting is bad & the sets look like they would fall over if you leaned on them. sometimes the crew guys are running in the background or you can see the microphones bobbing over heads. dark shadows was basically twilight for 1960s housewives. i spend most of the episodes playing on my phone but i can see how this blew peoples minds back in the day & why they keep remaking it.

the original was never that good but they really jumped the shark with adam/frankenstein.

1991 more money for wardrobe/sets & the acting is A LITTLE better but not worth watching. they made a complicated plot even more complicated for no reason. ben cross was incredibly unattractive & not scary as barnabas. jean simmons was a glorified extra & joanna going was pretty but useless.

2004/2012 the 2004 pilot was boring & not worth talking about at all.i completely forgot that i even saw it a couple of months ago. i HATED the 2012 film when i first saw it. tim burton hasnt made a good movie since edward scissorhands.  

yikes! was it really necessary for the little boy to imply he watches his cousin masturbate? not even 20 minutes in & im frowning. eva green is so underrated. it irks me greatly when shows/movies have vampires walking around in sunlight(a myth that was started in nosferatu?). these sex scenes are KILLING me!

the movie was cute but the ending sucked.i probably wont watch it again though it was much better than i remembered

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