Friday, October 7, 2022

Chopping Mall

i HATE horror movies but i'm in the mood for some halloween-esque entertainment. tonight i will be watching Chopping Mall for the 1st time. its so fun seeing the beverly center in the 1980s with {gasp} carpet on the floors! never in my life have i seen a carpeted mall. this might be the best part of the movie.

mary woronov is such a huge part of my childhood.

of course, there is a gratuitous locker room nude scene(in the mall?) showcasing lots of flat white asses & a-cups. what is the point of doing all that just to cast women shaped like toothpicks? i have no idea.

all this carpet is really freaking me out.

i feel like they shouldve made the "teens"(who look 40) more sympathetic. when the killbot exploded homegirls head, i could only laugh. who gaf if these morons die? good riddance! who breaks into a mall to have sex with 6 other people in the room?

i'm confused why they are going to try & "kill" the robots with a gun. wouldnt a cup of water work even better? i only watched this because i  assumed mary woronov would have a bigger part & now i have the sads. hopefully the killbots will get rid of most of these "teens".

the acting is just so incredibly bad.its like they werent cast for looks, talent, OR charisma.

2nd best part of this movie: learning that at one time there was a store named "krush groove". 9 more minutes to go & i really just want to watch "trailer park boys" again. the ending was dumb but the whole thing was dumb so...........

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