Friday, October 14, 2022

Interview with the Vampire 2022

 you already know how i feel about unsexy, unattractive vampires.......

so i wasnt going to watch Interview with the Vampire because the original is so good & i doubt they will be able to top it.

for this, i think they shouldve gotten rid of the framing device & just called it lestat. we dont need more unattractive actors in this & nobody cares about the reporter. let's just get right to the gay vampire stuff.

why would the vampire send cassette tapes? do they even still make cassette tapes? you cant buy them in a normal store so unless he bought 800 in 1987 then i dont understand whats going on. also, why would louis need a reporter in 2022 when he could just set up a blog & do it himself? not even 5 minutes in & there are too many plot holes.

this is dumb.theres no way lestat would be walking around in antique clothing in 1910.the only time he wasnt "dressed to kill" was when he was sick.i get they are trying to put some goth flavor into it but if youre going to insist on setting it in 1910 then the costumes need to be accurate.

of course,they made the black louis a literal pimp because god forbid there isnt 1 second of non stereotypical cliches while a black actor is on screen. its funny because im sure the white males writing the script really thought they did something. none of this sounds like anything anne rice wouldve actually wrote....

consent is great & more men need to learn about/practice getting consent but this @nal scene is ridiculous & unnecessary. it took me 4 days to watch the 1st 8 minutes now im regretting all my life choices.

everybody in his family has a different(bad) accent & nobody looks alike........

lestat isnt sexy & all these dudes are ugly. 

louis already said he didnt speak french but obviously understood what lestat said in french. is he reading lestats mind or did the writer not read the script? lestats accent is all over the place. he literally makes time stop & louis acts like this is normal.

of course they HAD to shoe horn in a tap dancing scene. im surprised they didnt cool down afterwards with watermelon.

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