Friday, October 21, 2022

Phantom of the Mall : Eric's Revenge

 Phantom of the Mall : Eric's Revenge is one of the worst movie titles i've seen in a took me way too long to figure out this isnt a sequel. i'm mad morgan fairchild looks younger now than she did in 1989. 

these "teens" are so wrinkled, barf. pauly shore is looking surprisingly cute. more filthy carpet, this looks like the mall in "chopping mall". gratuitous changing room scene with all the doors open but at least this time they cast women who arent shaped like 9 year olds.

not the security guard jumping on top of the elevator like some kind of monster. i wonder how much coke was used while writing(& approving) these scripts.

not the other security guard putting on his glasses when pauly gets naked. this is an entire mess.

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