Tuesday, September 12, 2023

a star is born

 feeling a bit nostalgic since so many exs have crawled out of the woodworks lately.i dont know if ive told this story before,but since this is my blog,i can do what i want. this is the story of how i was "discovered". 

by this time i'd already done a reality tv show with corey feldman that i assume was never on tv(i really have no idea).i had been on other tv shows & had small parts in independent movies. mtv was doing a wrestling show & somehow i had been invited backstage. i had a crush on one of the wrestlers(did he invite me? i dont remember). i do remember feeling pissed because the wrestler had been rude. an unattractive, boring man had been following me around backstage. since he refused to leave me alone, i told him to be useful, & demanded that he get on his knees & rub my feet(which he did).

the annoying man said(while he was rubbing my feet), "by the way, im the casting director at mtv & i would like for you to go to dinner with me tomorrow, then come to my office to audition the next day". i say ok & he leaves. we go to dinner,i get wasted as per usual, & the next morning i am at his office to audition for "rock of love"(no casting couch shenanigans but yes today he wouldve definitely have been canceled).they were acting like i was the 2nd coming of jesus, they had never seen someone so funny. a star is born!

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