Thursday, May 28, 2015

bloggers: polyvore is a waste of time & you will never make any money

I was SO excited when I saw that my items were being featured on polyvore in this emoji contest. if you look closely, you will notice that every other set has my gossiprag brand emoji items in it. i've been on polyvore for about 7 months, adding items almost every day & new sets about once a week. some items have gotten hundreds of likes yet I've not made 1 penny from using polyvore. not one shiny dime.

 I cannot recommend it to any blogger unless you are doing it just for fun & not actually trying to pay your bills. it was fun & addictive at 1st but now I see that its another distraction that I do not need. i fear the members of polyvore are only 12 year olds making pretty pictures & not actual shoppers :-(

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