Tuesday, June 23, 2015

millionaire matchmaker

when I was a teenager, i met patti stanger. i went to her office & she promised to find me a husband. a couple of days later she called to say that she found me a match & would be calling me later with the info. of course, that never happened. years passed & I got another call saying that they wanted me to be on her reality tv show. cool. fine. whatever.

mind you,i don't have a tv & I have never seen the show so I have no idea what kind of "angry negress stereotype" they tried to edit my appearance into. i was told that I would be paid(duh) so I showed up to the studio. i go into the office & patti says ominously "ohhhhh, i remember YOU". they go on & on about how the millionaire is iso a jewish woman, Patti asks if I am an Ethiopian jew(now she KNOWS me, knows that I am #1 named Dallas,#2 from texas,#3 not a jew).I vaguely remember some fat wiccan wannabe assistant asking me stupid questions & me being too angry to answer him straight. i ended up going into the hallway where the other women were waiting for their humiliations to begin. i told them if they were not jewish, they should leave. of course, once it was time for me to go I got all kinds of excuses about how I would not be paid. the whole thing was bait n switch bs calculated for ratings. there was no need to humiliate me, there was no need to lie about me getting paid for my work. there are PLENTY of jewish women in LA so why call me? oh right,to make me look like a fool & make the white women(that did get paid) look like goddesses. duh!

as you can see, none of this is worth me actually looking up anybodys name or watching that show. I have another story about the 2 assistants & their spinoff show(did it even ever get on tv?).i'll post that laterz

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