Friday, July 17, 2015

fake fans

so this happened a million years ago right before Michael Jackson died. I got a call from a promoter asking me to hold signs at the grammys for 2 hours for $200.i said why not.we all know I heart f*ckery. i get there & we are put in the back of the venue where the limos go into the parking cameras, no real fans, no media. they give us pre made fan signs. no one could see us but the limos. i forget who the signs were for(Michael Jackson or Mariah carey).

I remember wondering how many millions were wasted on stupid sh!t like that. 200 people getting $200 to hide behind a building. none of the limos even slowed down & who knows who actually paid us,the record label or the artist. when I think about Michael dancing on top of the car after the trial with the fans screaming I wonder were they paid as well? hollywood is so bizarre.

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