Wednesday, July 1, 2015

millionaire matchmaker part deux

I get a call asking me to be on the "millionaire matchmaker" spinoff show for the 2 "pagan" assistants(again, i have never seen any of these shows, dont have a tv, & refuse to waste 2 seconds of my life googling their names).it was the fat fug wiccan guy & the rockabilly woman(you figure it out, lol).

so anyways, before I get there I ask if it will be one man & all us woman fighting over him. the production company says the van on the way to set(all females, no male actors in sight), again I ask plus I add "because if it WERE us fighting over 1 man the show will be very lame". again I am told no, there would be equal men & women on set.

we are waiting to begin(again no men but crew guys)& minutes before we are walked onto set, a 5ft tall Asian woman arrives. she is wearing thick white tights(its summer) & THICK kabuki pancake foundation. this is the kind of makeup only sold to theatrical actors/drag queens & is dead white, nowhere near the color of skin.

we get onto set(again no men)& are told to mingle. then it hits me. the Asian "woman" is the man we are all supposed to be fighting for.i tell the actresses & they start to argue with me. "there's no way that is a man!" "you're crazy!" "they told us there would be more than one man!" etc etc. the Asian "woman" hears this & decides she wants to fight me. the producer RUNS & grabs me by the arm & rushes me off of set. nobody talks to me, nobody says a word, i am now a pariah. i have ruined the "surprise" & now I must go.

no offense, but I know a man in a dress when I see one. the only clubs I used to go to for many years were gay/drag so I am no stranger to smoke & mirrors. you'd think with a professional makeup woman & wardrobe they could have done better. plus why would any woman be fighting over a 5 foot tall man? the whole thing was stupid & didn't make much sense. was this pilot show ever on tv? i hope not.

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