Wednesday, August 12, 2015

caitlyn jenner or the real reason why old men get sex changes

when I read the title to this article, caitlyn_jenner_discusses_her_sexuality_would_be_open_to_dating_a_man/ i started to laugh. really?

I will try not to be messy :-)

yes, I've hung out with kim but I've never met bruce/Caitlyn & generally stay away from all Hollywood types for years now. that being said, I "grew up" in the gay scene, the 1st clubs I snuck into were gay, all my bffs growing up were gay(but not out of the closet), etc. I've seen this situation play out many times.

for men growing up back in the day, it was shameful to be gay(you can replace gay with loving black women but we'll get to that story later).they hate themselves, force themselves into marrying a woman, making babies, going to a job they cannot stand. in the past 2 decades they've decided to come out of the closet & get sex changes. not because they've been wanting to be a woman their whole lives but because they wanted to have sex with men. they went through a sex change to have a socially acceptable way to have "gay" sex. period. the end.

months ago, i predicted what Caitlyn would say anytime she were asked about sexual relationships. she would say something vague like "i am in the process of living my new life. things are very different for me now & I am very open to dating women or maybe men blahblahblah". the first couple of paparazzi photos will be of Caitlyn leaving dinner with a woman, they will speculate that this is a new girlfriend. then gradually, all you will see is boyfriends. the next person she will marry/date will be a man.

here's the deal,though. Caitlyn is a horrible role model & I cant understand why trans activists are stanning so hard for her instead of janet mock or Laverne cox(the white skin, perhaps?).a person who abandoned their kids, had another set of children they did not want, & killed a woman while texting is not someone who should represent you. #sorrynotsorry.

Caitlyn knew about sex change operations her entire life(perfected in the 1920s, trans soldier Christine jorgensen famous in the 1950s, etc), she is not "brave", she is a materialistic coward & a horrible parent.

caitlyn jenner telling the homeless "let them eat cake"

update 8/27/2015: who knew? caitlyn is ready to date men

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