Tuesday, August 11, 2015

karrine steffans "superhead"

millions of years ago I ran in the same circles as karrine steffans, doing music videos, hanging out in hollywood. we ended up dating some of the same men & I could spill some secrets but those are stories that i'll probably take to my grave. anyhoo.she did a pretty amazing article with jezebel.here are my favorite quotes.

"Men don’t want you to do your due diligence because the more penises you see, countries you visit or educated you get, the better decisions you make".i could not agree more. the only reason why men want younger women is because they are so stupid & have low self esteem. younger women haven't been cheated on & lied to for the past 20(30 or 40)years, so they are much easier to manipulate.

“Men are never happy. They want a woman who is good at sex but don’t want you to practice. Everyone’s all screwed and living by rules that don’t really exist. I’m not afraid of my body.I don’t like the idea that women are always labeled and men aren’t. The thing about sex is that when I’m having it with a man, he’s also having sex with me at the exact same time! When we get up, I’m the ho and he’s the man so I don’t subscribe to society’s labels. I define who I am” we both have sex but only I am the whore/slut? how does that work?

"I don’t know if Kim Kardashian is super fucking smart—bitch might be an Einstein." I disagree.the only genius in that family is pimp mama kris aka lucifers homegirl

"When I take a picture with some guy, people instantly think I’m having sex with him because people like to over-sexualize black women no matter what."

"I understand that some people are not that smart, some are complete idiots, others are rude, ignorant and fall into every stereotype you’d ever heard of. When I see those people, I just have to move forward. Everyone’s not going to understand or like you, and that’s OK. You find your tribe and you market and sell to your tribe" preach!

"It’s not fair that men get to discuss women’s bodies but women don’t. There’s a vote every few years on Roe vs. Wade by men sitting in rooms deciding what I should do with my body. Men don’t have that issue! No one is deciding whether men should chop their balls off but them! [Everyone’s] deciding whether the female nipple is this horrible thing, but men with these titties are running around just letting their nipples fly out. It’s offensive.
I feel like Rick Ross’s titties are kind of offensive.
Rick Ross’ titties have always been offensive but he just lets them flop out. But if I let my fucking titties show—which I’ve had done, percolated and well-centered—then all of a sudden I’m this horrible person. There are all these double standards that I’m just not here for. I’m going to fuck who I want, when I want, how I want, as many times as I want."

this article is a mess but if you must read it (I cant recommend it) click here

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