Monday, August 10, 2015

pocketderm review

I've been big on using various oils on my face lately(argan, grapeseed, tea tree, etc)& I saw so many positive reviews for hemp oil that I had to try it. mind you, i'm pretty sure i'm allergic to marijuana but I put it all over my face anyway.

bad move

the next day every inch of my face had broken out, even my eyelids. pimples on top of pimples, it was insane. that's when I knew it was time for pocketderm. I have insurance but I knew setting up an dermatologist appointment would be hell & lord knows I don't want to pay an extra $200(or $50 or $100).I went online, posted some pix, & later on that night(it was Saturday),got a reply with a prescription. 4 days later it was in my hot little hands.

it's too early to really give a review just yet but i'll post again later. click here for a free month of pocketderm & let me know in the comments your review instead :-)

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