Thursday, August 13, 2015

male gigolos

years ago, i knew this white woman married to the most spectacular looking French male model. he was gorgeous & she was average at soon as she left the room, he whispered in my ear, "help me".i stared at him blankly. he married her for a green card & his rent to be paid. what could I do?

I had a crush on a reality tv star(I will call him todd).we would go out at night, party, get inappropriate, then he'd go home to his girlfriend. todd would always complain about how he hated her. i asked why he stayed. he said "she pays my rent & she pays my bills". :-( of course, he ended up getting arrested for beating her up & then marrying her(his gay ex lover was the flower girl).

normally I would end a post like this with some sort of history lesson or moral or rant about "do nothing b!tches" but I have a cold & I want to finish "if there be thorns" .lol.

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