Monday, August 17, 2015

the borgias

I've been trying to watch the borgias for years now. started back again this weekend since I was sick & instantly regretted it. Jeremy irons looks like a corpse & seems like he's acting in a completely different tv show. i love holliday grainger but the fried blonde hair(wiglet?) & fake innocence is distracting. i realize she's supposed to be 14 but holliday looks about 24.

the worst part is cesare.there is no arc to his story. on borgia, mark ryder started off as an annoying, unattractive boy. he whined, his brother died,he stepped into the spotlight. extensions were added, murders committed, hair was dyed darker as he got more evil,a beard was grown, priests robes were changed into black leather & a sex symbol was born. mark ryder became the only reason to watch the show. unfortunately "the borgias" has no mark ryder, only francois arnaud who resembles a drowned rat. :-(

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