Thursday, August 27, 2015

grace of monaco

finally getting around to watching grace of monaco starring Nicole kidman.i wonder who decided to waste so much time,effort, & money on this? I am a ride or die stan for Nicole but this has always seemed like a mistake. nicole doesn't even look like grace Kelly & she's at least 15 years too old(plus the bad plastic surgery isn't helping). her facial skin looks SO bizarre & speckled, a completely different tone & texture from the rest of her body.

it took me way to long to figure out who tim roth was supposed to be because even old & bloated he's still way too sexy to be playing prince rainier(plus i'm pretty sure rainier does not have an English accent).parker posey is(as usual) a bad b!tch & wears the hell out of a wiggle skirt. i'm at the 5 minute mark now & wondering if I want to finish this movie :-( I don't need a "fictional account",i want the real dirt.

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