Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Perrier had a lunch time party & I decided to walk there in my black moschino (bc y'know i'm VERY down to earth, lol).they gave out a glow stick, lunch in a reusable bag, & a ticket for 1 cocktail. I find it really disturbing how Hollywood parties now will only give out 1 free bizarre. it's like they want people to show up but not have fun.

the scene is pretty lame but I end up with 2 free drinks(magician!),then I walk home. i figure the 1st homeless person to talk to me will get the lunch since I don't feel like bothering anybody. it's about 2pm & the only homeless I see are either asleep on the sidewalk or high as a kite. i keep walking. the lunch bag goes into the fridge & hopefully tomorrow I will have better luck giving it away.

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