Wednesday, September 30, 2015

negrito vs the neighbors

my neighbors are the absolute worst. they are the kind of people who play drums at midnight(repeatedly), leave dog poop in the hallways, & wonder why everyone hates them. they whisper in front of my door/windows calling me a n!gger, yet never have a word to say in my face. I've asked them over & over not to slam the door. for years. you'd think once would be enough. I get it, life is different in mexico & maybe there it is a sign of respect to leave dog poop in the hallway & slam doors so hard they come off the hinges/leave dents in the wall, but here, it's not very cute.

as usual, i am awakened by the door slamming. i go into the hallway &(again) ask the 60 year old woman who should know better not to slam the door. she looks at me & starts to laugh. she says "its not a big problem" dismissively. now I want to strangle her. I say "it IS a big problem because it wakes me up & is annoying". now her friend comes out of the next apt. friend says "no one even slams the door". i say that is a lie, i see them doing so. then friend backtracks & says "everybody does it". I say "yes, THAT is the problem". its like talking to a balloon or a piece of paper. if it were a child I could almost understand but these are all adults who should know better. of course, the owner does not care as long as the rent is paid & I wonder where in the world I could live where there are no @ssholes.

friend is the one who always has a pile of trash in front of her door & children yelling or playing with matches in the hallways. people in the building automatically assume her kids are the ones littering, so they just pile it up there. a normal person would be ashamed.

i'm a pretty open minded & lord knows I don't care what you do in your own house but at the very least you can be clean/quiet/respectful in public spaces. as much as I hate to admit it, donald trump is right. we are not getting the best & brightest immigrants. we get the ones who left their horrible home country, then make the usa just as bad. we get the losers who couldn't make a living there, we get the uneducated, the criminals.

every day I see the women changing their babies, then leaving the diapers on the sidewalk 2 feet away from a trashcan. i see the men loitering in front of the liquor store at 8am getting drunk & calling me a puta because I did not say hello. i think "this is our future & it only gets worse from here". this is the world we live in & it makes me sick.

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