Wednesday, September 9, 2015

the customer isnt always right

I get a lot of stupid emails from "Customers" from my online stores. i say "customers" because I've noticed that 99% of those who ask questions do not buy. ever. it does not matter what the answer is. I realize how stupid most people are & the unwillingness to actually read the listings before buying so I usually put the most important info in the 1st line, then a link to the FAQs so less of my time is wasted.

this one listing says(in the 1st line)"paperback book,1965" & I get an email asking me what year was the book made & is it a paperback? i tell her that it's always best to actually read the listing before asking questions(i'm not being a "smart@ss", i'm just using common sense).

as usual, i get a pissy reply full of lies about how the info is in the last line(no),how I forced her to read(the horror!), how I am losing such a great customer & her $9 will be spent elsewhere blahblahblah.

I know most sellers would just re-answer her questions but my time is precious. not all money is good money & why feed that kind of entitlement? its what is wrong with the world today. too many special snowflakes that refuse to follow the rules, use common sense, or realize that actions have consequences. I would rather have smart buyers(who actually know/want what they are buying) who treat me/themselves with respect. i don't think I am asking too much of the world & if that means losing $9(or $900),so be it.

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