Friday, November 27, 2015

ashamed to swirl

I've dated MANY middle aged(& older) white men & their stories are all the same. they fell in love with a black woman in their youth but was too ashamed to date her in the open. they married a white woman, stayed married for at least 20 years, then once they realized interracial dating wasn't that taboo anymore, got a divorce(or had an affair then got a divorce) so that they could "bang" EVERY black woman they saw.

i'm talking to this 70 year old millionaire(don't judge,lol) & he's all "black women are so exotic blahblahblah". I say i'm psychic & know why he's now dating black women. i tell the story & he says no, i have it all wrong.

me:"so your ex wife is black?"
me: "so your children are black?"
him: "no. my ex wife & kids are white"

he proved my point so then he decides to use the old & boring angry black woman stereotype because i MUST be jaded from being used & abused by men. everything coming out of my mouth HAS to be attitude not truth. how could I know what i'm even talking about, it's only my life experiences, right? i'm just so worn down by this. everyone wants to fawk me but no one wants to respect me. i don't want to go all sojourner truth but "aint I a woman?". why does everything have to be a struggle?

when I hear of white women getting so many messages they fill the entire inbox I just have to laugh. really? but i'm supposed to be grateful for the racist crumbs I get. since i'm rambling i'll also add that for every 300 messages I get from white men 1 will be from black men. yes, one. if I were actually trying to date black men I would be furious.

I got another email from a  very handsome male model type, so I check his profile to see that he's checked every race but black in the mate preferences section. because of course. this happens the majority of the time when men email me. am i SO gorgeous that men are willing to date a negress or are men still SO ashamed of others knowing they want to date black women? I know the answer & it's sad in 2015 black women are still considered "less than". I see we'll have another generation of men marrying white women to cheat with black women 20 years later.

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