Monday, November 9, 2015


the afi film festival is this week & today I saw todd Haynes "carol" starring miss cate blanchett & rooney mara. 
now we all know cate is walking perfection & can do no wrong (especially being made up to look like grace Kelly) so we'll stick to the other actors.
I find the mara sisters to be aggressively unattractive plus annoying & have no idea why they keep getting cast in movies/tv. rooney was ok, there was really nothing in her role so I cant complain too much & they styled her like an early 1950s Audrey Hepburn so she didn't look as fug as usual. sarah Paulson's top lip was distracting. i don't know why she lied & said it was real, it looks 2 times as big as usual & didn't move throughout the movie. never lie about your plastic surgery when the internet & anyone who has seen "down with love" can prove you wrong, dummy!
kyle chandler was like a sweaty, alcohol bloated clark gable clone aka never looked better. def should have had more scenes with kyle. I don't know why carrie Brownstein had a credit, they only gave her 3 words to say(with her back nearly to the camera).I was hoping to see more carrie,she's a great comedic actress but wasted here. despite all that is was pretty good(not as good as "far from heaven" or "mildred pierce" ,though)& I cried at the end

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