Monday, December 21, 2015

the danish girl

despite having some sort of ear infection/toothache (plus it was cold/rainy),I managed to see mr eddie redmayne last night. i'd been interested in "the Danish girl" since I read the book it was based on & heard Nicole kidman would be playing the trans role. the movie was good, the costumes were only problem would be Alicia vikander.I don't know why the powers that be decided she would be a star but its not really working for me. she tries so hard & nothing she does is genuine.

afterwards, there was a q & a with eddie.whenever he would talk, he would stare at me {sigh}.his wife should be VERY glad I know they just got married or this story would end very differently. eddie has been on my list for years but I don't mess with married men. maybe next time....

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