Monday, December 28, 2015

the revenant

i went into this completely ignorant as i usually do when watching movies. i'd heard of the "bear rape" & future husband tom hardy & that was enough for me. had i known what it was about i probably would not have watched this movie. tom hardys "southern?" accent/mumbling is terrible & you cannot understand a word he says(same thing with Peaky Blinders). 30 minutes in & i fell asleep.i never fall asleep watching movies.i decide to start again the next night.

there are so many wtf moments in this film.i'm spending most of my time watching it while covering my eyes.i know some things were added for drama but this is basically a true yet horrible story. almost fell asleep again at the end.not a bad movie,just not my kind of movie. white men will love it,though.not an oscar winning performance from leonardo dicaprio, either. better luck next year.

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