Tuesday, January 5, 2016

tawkify review

tawkify is an online dating/matchmaking website.i have a high klout score so they said i could have a free membership.i signed up & got 7 matches in 1 year. 5 did not live in my state, 2 were not my preferred ethnicity, & all were unattractive.i went on a date with one & he was cheap, boring, & not my type.

months pass with no new matches & i get an email from tawkify saying that i need to pay them. i say no.i get a phone call from tawkify saying that i need to pay them. again,i say no. she gives me the spiel about how all the members are professionals who are serious about having a matchmaker.i'm professional & i am serious about finding a match but tawkify is a waste of time.i'm not saying it is a scam but even with me sending follow up emails every time they never got it right. finding an attractive man in los angeles should not be so hard.

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