Monday, February 8, 2016


so i wasnt even going to blog about what happened & then i read this. i went to an audition a couple of days ago.full face of makeup, jewelry, dressed up, polkadot blouse(do they even make polka dot blouses for men?), & neon pink socks. the waiting room is full of blonde white women who all look alike & are wearing spandex mini skirts that barely cover their @sses(it was a commercial for grubhub,not a p0rno). the male casting directors are all inappropriately flirting with the white women. some keep walking by the room to get a glimpse,no one is working. numbers are being exchanged & talks of future parties.everybody ignores me & i'm fine with that.i continue to read my book.

the casting director calls us in. he looks at me & calls me sir.let that sink in. sir. i pretend to ignore it but i am heated.this is the reason why i never leave the house anymore. people always go out of their way to insult me.

"aint i a woman"?

dont i deserve respect just like anyone else? i went on with the audition though i should have left then.i couldnt get into character,i just wanted to be away from those people. of course the job will be given to one of those white women & i will be branded as some sort of angry black woman with a bad attitude. as usual

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