Tuesday, March 15, 2016


in the middle of watching the new will arnett netflix show "flaked".all the little hipster stereotypes packed into the show are funny. its pretty predictable and boring but there are a few bright spots with heather graham & kirstie alley. david sullivan is annoying & ruth kearney, the bland blonde that they have to fight over is unattractive & dull.

i hate to be that one but there are no non white people on the show.just bland white hipsters :-(. they cast a couple of black guys with dreads as nonspeaking extras & a black cop who has a couple of lines each episode but its pathetic. no asian women? no black women? not even a stereotypical latina maid. venice is still in los angeles. its not like minorities dont go to the beach. i RARELY go to venice yet i recognized every shooting location.

will arnett is so talented but its wasted here.i'm sure it will be a huge hit with white people but i use it as backup to my sleeping pills.

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