Wednesday, March 16, 2016

jeremy scott x melissa shoes party

so i've been sick for a while(still a bit feverish but went out anyway).i've seen jeremy scott at a couple of hllywd parties so i just assumed that he would be at his.i was wrong. the 1st person to greet me was rumer willis. she's had her jaw shaved down so she looks less "taterish" but now has the 1990s demi moore pixie haircut (unfortunately) which shows off how prettier her mother was/is.i try not to talk ish about rumer anymore(she really cant help the tater face) but for whatever reason she rubs me the wrong way. maybe in my old age i'll get over it....or not.

so jeremy was not at his party but the shoes were adorable. i drank my champagne quickly & got out of there asap. the whole thing just seemed so low budget & depressing.even the salespeople(who i'm guessing work on commission) were complaining to me about how lame the party was & how they couldnt wait to go home :-(

its la fashion week & i rsvpeed for 20 fashion shows but i doubt that i will be going to any of them. lafw is SO super lame these real designers even show, just rappers with t-shirt lines & bored housewives of millionaires who think they are the next coco chanel. its pathetic

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