Thursday, March 17, 2016

vintage tea part 3

this is very old hollywood gossip from geocities (so sue them not moi,lol)


Daly, Carson. Even less intelligent than he looks, which is saying something. Recently pushed his way to the front of a line at JFK Airport, showing himself to be not just stupid but a bully to boot. Hung. Likes cute, well-hung boys; used his mouth to climb the ladder at MTV. Linked with Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Tara Reid (what, does Daly wield The Force against women or something?).

Damon, Matt. Cracking under pressure of fame, the little punk. Best friends with Ben Affleck, and possibly more than that. Likes threeways with hookers and Ben Affleck. One account has the two looking at each other (and getting off on that) while doing the pro. Got William Goldman to scriptdoctor Good Will Hunting--the final product was not Damon & Affleck's alone. Linked with Penelope Cruz, Claire Danes (when she was under the legal age), Minnie Driver (who found out that he'd dumped her when she heard it on Oprah--Damon, you jerk), Susanna Eng, Calista Flockhart, Lucy Liu, Eva Mendes, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Winona Ryder.

Dando, Evan. Linked with Bijou Phillips, Julianna Hatfield, Courtney Love, Kylie Minogue (who he was caught having sex with in a public toilet), and Liv Tyler, among others--and, yes, he and Julianna were having sex.

Danson, Ted. Reportedly vain. Long time client of LA BDSM house; "a well-behaved client and a good tipper." Formerly involved with Whoopi Goldberg. Currently married to Mary Steenburgen.

Danza, Tony. Self-important (though at least one bartender says otherwise) and often unpleasant to fans and strangers. Fingered as a client of a gay escort; prefers well-hung gentlemen, esp. porn stars.

Dash, Stacey. Bore the children of Christopher Williams, the man who beat Halle Berry so badly that she's almost deaf in one ear. Also linked with Aaliyah.

Davies, Marion. Linked with Charlie Chaplin, Clark Gable, Leslie Howard, Joseph P. Kennedy, Dick Powell, William Randolph Hearst and Rudolph Valentino. (Her clitoris was nicknamed "rosebud" by Hearst, which is meaningful to you if you've seen Citizen Kane.)

Dean, James. Open bisexual; habitue of rough trade and leather bars. Linked with Nick Adams, Ursula Andress, Pier Angeli, Montgomery Clift, Rock Hudson, Eartha Kitt, Roddy McDowell, Sal Mineo, Liz Sheridan (Seinfeld's mom on Seinfeld) and Natalie Wood. Difficult to work with. Called 'the Human Ashtray' because he would ask men in leather bars to put out their cigarettes on his bare chest. Reportedly enjoyed amputees.

De La Hoya, Oscar. Rapist. Anti-semite.

Delon, Alain. Closet queen. National Front member. Linked with Brigitte Bardot, Jane Fonda, Shirley Maclain, and Nico.

Deneuve, Catherine. Into young boys in leather. Linked with Dean Martin, Marcelle Mastroianni, Roman Polanski, Burt Reynolds, Omar Sharif and Roger Vadim.

Depardieu, GerardIs helping ruin French tv dramas by charging excessive fees. Asshole. Grammar school dropout. Hygienically challenged. Bad, cheap father. Linked with Nastassja Kinski (when she was underage) and John Travolta.

Derek, Bo. "Very nice woman. As down to earth as can possibly be expected." Acted in porn before starring in 10. Reportedly frigid, but g-d knows that enduring the sleazy reptilian touch (and no doubt clumsy pawing) of John Derek would be enough to turn any woman off men for the rest of her days. Linked with John Corbett.

Diana, Princess. Vain, shallow, petty woman. The less you knew her, the better you liked her. Addicted to Rohypnol.

Diaz, Cameron. "Self-important bimbo." Germ-phobic. Alcoholic and drug user. Very hard to work for; once made her assistant shave her armpits for her. The blonde nitwit in Lost in Translation is reportedly based on her. Has very bad acne, bad body odor, and bad breath. (What is the appeal of this woman?) Linked with Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Dillon, Jared Leto, Ed Norton, Vincent D'Onofrio, Justin Timberlake (she is acting the beard for him), and Vince Vaughn.

Dicaprio, Leonardo. Slut. Reportedly aggressively bisexual. Treated Claire Danes horrendously on the set of Romeo (although I've since been told that the latter rumor isn't so and that the two are friends).Reported heavy drug & alcohol use, to the point where it interferes with his acting performance. Hygienically challenged. Punk. Allegedly made gay porn under another name. Has used hookers in the past; likes anal sex with them. Tickle fetishist. Linked with Christina Aguilera (the combined weight of their skanky ho-itude no doubt created a Black Hole of Skankiness), David Blaine, Gisele Bundchen, Naomi Campbell, Cameron Diaz, Natasha Henstridge, Eva Herzigova, Lauren Holly, Rachel Hunter, Juliette Lewis, Tobey Maguire, Demi Moore, Kate Moss, Bijou Philips, Baby Spice, Q-Tip, and Kate Winslet.

Diddy, P. (aka the Egotist Formerly Known As Sean Combs and Puff Daddy.) Hard to work for. Lousy in the sack. Possibly Bi______. Cruel to animals--threw a puppy from the roof of his Village townhouse. I've heard hints of even more evil behavior toward humans by him. "Incredible cheapskate." Linked with Foxxy Brown, Naomi Campbell, Mariah Carey, Lil Kim, Lisa Lopes, Jennifer Lopez, Mase, and Leah Remini.

Diesel, Vin. Prefers the company of gentlemen (what a loss!) (this is fiercely disputed and supported, with a number of supposed "eye-witness" accounts testifying for and against. There's only one way to settle this. Vin--do me!). "Incredibly generous to friends and family." Ashamed of his ethnic background. Supposedly--ha, this is a good one--supposedly the son of Elliot Gould while Gould was married to Streisand. wut? Reportedly a nice guy in person. Linked with Asia Argento, Mariah Carey, Nicole Kidman and Michelle Rodriguez.

DiMaggio, Joe. Physical abuser of women, including Marilyn Monroe. Whoremonger. Psychopathically cold personality. Treated his family badly. Had mob ties. In sum, as bad at being a person as he was good at playing baseball.

Disney, Walt. Cold fish personality; sexist, racist, anti-Semitic homophobe.

Doctor Phil. Tells racist and homophobic jokes to his staff.

Doherty, Shannon. Completely unpleasant person. Hypocritical conservative. Incredibly hard to work with. Has a long string of failed relationships, from one-night stands (of which there were a number) to ongoing relationships. Bi______; rumored to have been a regular at Playboy Mansion parties and engaged in trysts with Playmates. Breast implants. Linked with Heidi Fleiss, and possibly a former worker for her. Recovering (current?) drug & alcohol addict. Drunk driver. Linked with Judd Nelson and Matthew Perry.

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