Friday, March 25, 2016

review of the worst movies ever made part five

showgirls is a great movie. end of story. its (unintentionally) funny,the costumes are great, & it has sexy,young Kyle of the few dvd movies that i own

striptease is a watered down showgirls ripoff starring a "good girl gone bad".the script is lame but at least there is plenty of awkward,stiff dancing by demi moore

batman & robin. i find all superhero movies not directed by tim burton to be lame but i found this one ok. they should have cut out all scenes involving alicia silverstone as batgirl. too many characters & not enough time with uma thurman as poison ivy.

the avengers just made me cringe. so much wasted potential, ralph fiennes looking good in a suit, uma thurman kicking all manners of azz, sean connery as a furry.a mess from top to bottom

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